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When Are Interest Rates RISING?



What actually is the cash rate? It is the interest rate on unsecured overnight loans between banks.

= RBA Currently maintaining cash rate at 10 basis points or 0.10% (Source: rba.gov.au)


· Current inflation in underlying terms has increased; still low at 2.6%

· Headline CPI inflation rate is 3.5% being affected by;
   – Higher petrol prices,
   – Higher prices for newly constructed homes
   – Disruption in global supply chains

· Inflation needs to reach 2-3% target range before the cash rate will increase

· Central forecast: 3.25% by end of 2022, stabilise at 2.75% in 2023


· Job Advertisements are at an historically high level

· Firms report it difficult to hire workers

· Modest Wage growth has increased; however still at the low rates prevailing before the pandemic

· Unemployment rates decline to historically low level of 4.2% in December 2021

· Central forecast: Unemployment 3.75% by end of 2023


· Prices have risen strongly

· Housing credit has increased by 6.7%

· Value of housing loan commitments has declined from high levels

· Important for borrowers to have adequate buffers and stress testing
   (Source – RBA: Governor Philip Lowe)


* AUD exchange rate has depreciated:

-0.7198 USD,

-Chinese renminbi 4.5476,

-Japanese Yen 82.53,

-European Euro 0.6398,

-NZ Dollar 1.0692,

-UK Pound Stirling 0.5328
  (Source RBA: Latest Exchange Rates 24.02.22)


· The RBA is prepared to be patient to hit the above measures.

· As supply-side problems are resolved and consumption patterns normalise – inflation will level out at 2.75%

· Uncertainty how consumption patterns will evolve

· Our prediction: Interest rates WILL increase by last quarter of 2023.

· What will it increase by? 0.25%… To total 0.35%. (Source RBA – interest rate decisions 2010-2019 average increase)

Assuming this increase gets passed onto the consumer – on an average $500,000 home loan is $1,250 for the year. $104.66/month. As always we encourage financial planning clients to have sufficient savings and funds for an emergency/cash buffer. Our recommendation: Tighten your budget now in preparation for this increase.

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